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  • M&H Machining 102 Meadow Dr. Georgetown, Texas 78633-Tel. 512-930-9059-Fax 512-930-0512

    ?Call for a quote: 512-930-9059

    ???????M&H Machining, Inc.

    Industries Served

    ISO 9001:2015

    API Q1


    ???????????Milling:  M&H can accommodate a wide range of milling needs including but not limited to multi pallet, full 4th & 5th axis, vertical and horizontal orientation.


    Turning:  Impressive turning capabilities up to 25 inches in diameter and 80 inches in length.



    ?Threading:  Advanced knowledge of the threading arts.  Internal, external, milling, turning, API, ACME and many more.


    Gun Drilling:  Deep hole drilling between .25 and 1 inch. 

    ?Subcontracting:  We don't have what you need?  No problem.  M&H has an extensive list of approved suppliers ready to work for you.??